An iPhone and iPad App for Bands

Our iPhone and iPad App is built for bands and performers of any genre who want to promote themselves and their music in the most state-of-the art way!

Great Features
Promote yourself by streaming your music, lyrics, bio, photos, show dates and more. You can also personally connect to your fans by linking your Twitter feed through your App.

Low Cost
We know money is tight so we're offering our iPhone App at a low low price. Even better, it's a one-time purchase so we don't ding you with on-going charges for the use of your App. 

You Are In Control
You are in complete control of updating your App content through your own user dashboard. Login any time of day or night to make immediate changes to your music, lyrics, bio info, shows or any other updatable content.


A Few Of The Many Popular Features

Your 'Home' Screen

One of the things that people absolutely love about our App is that the 'home' screen is virtually all yours. This allows you to make a big visual impact with your fans! 

Your Photos

Share as many as 20 photos on your App which you can update or change at any time through your personal account dashboard. A simple touch of the screen expands the photo thumbnails to fullsize


Your Tweets

Keep your fans up to date with the latest and greatest news and happenings by sharing your Twitter feed through your App. Coming soon: Inclusion of your Facebook feed is on the way!

Your Albums

Whether you have just one album or a dozen... or even more than that... you can promote them all on your App. Make updates or changes at any time through your personal account dashboard.


Your Songs

After selecting which of your albums to explore, your fans can then view the cover art, check out any of the songs you choose to provide, and follow a link to your iTunes page to buy online.

Your Sound Bytes and Lyrics

After selecting a song to preview from your album, your fans can listen to a 30 second clip or the whole song (that choice is up to you), and even follow along with your lyric sheet while the songs plays.


Demo App

 Download our demo App to check it out for yourself (compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, requiring iOS 3.1.3 or later).

You Are In Control

The features on your App are controlled by you through your own account dashboard, and you can update your content at any time you wish (the only exception is that you cannot change your Landing Page screen image or App Icon image yourself).

Easy To Use

It's not enough to have a good looking and feature-rich App, it also has to be intuitive and easy to use. This is certainly not a problem with our App as users can navigate anywhere on the App within two touches.

What About Money?

The cost of our App is a one-time-only fee that you pay at the time of order - we don't charge you any fees for the on-going use of your App.  [ CONTACT US FOR PRICING ]

An Apple Account

iPhone/iPad Apps can only be made available for download through the Apple Store, so Apple requires you (the App owner) to have an Apple iOS Developer Account. This account is a relationship you have directly with Apple and does not involve Precision Disc, however, we will need your account login information in order to upload your App to your account. The account is quite straight forward to set-up, and the amount that Apple charges for the account is US$99 per year.

Ordering Your App

1. Unless you have already done so, you will need to create your Apple iOS Developer Account.
2. Submit our online App Order Form.
3. Contact us to arrange payment for the App.
4. Download, complete and submit our
Instruction Package on supplying the assets for your App.

How Long Does It Take?

After we have received your Order Form, Payment and App Assets, the App will be populated and uploaded to your Developer Account where Apple will review the content for suitability. This takes approximately 15 business days for Apple to review your App.

Important: Apple only wants quality products in their iTunes Store, so when Apple reviews your App they will be looking for good content throughout. If you don't populate your App with sufficient songs, quality imagery and photos, and other pertinent information, they may not approve your App. You would then have to improve your content and have it resubmitted for Apple's review.



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