Sensormatic Security Tags

MAY 25 2010

Sensormatic Security Tags are available from Precision Disc

Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. has Sensormatic Security Tags available for insertion into the cases for your CD manufacturing or DVD manufacturing project.

Commonly referred to as Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags we can supply you with Sensormatic "Ultra Strip" tags.

For CD jewel cases and CD/DVD Digipak trays the tag is usually placed on the surface of the disc tray but will be hidden under the CD or DVD disc.

For standard DVD cases, there are less space restrictions so the tag is generally placed at the bottom of inside back cover.

“Sensormatic” is the worldwide leader in industry-leading EAS solutions backed by more than 1,500 patents and is utilized by the countless companies and organizations around the world to reduce product losses. Today, over 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers that use EAS rely on Sensormatic solutions.

The Ultra Strip III Low Profile tag measures just 1.76” in length x 0.4” in width x 0.047” thick, and is placed inside the CD or DVD case. The exact location of the tag is dependent on the type of case and the amount of room available. It features a lower cavity height, requiring the label to be placed on a rigid substrate.

The Sensormatic “Ultra Strip” tags are designed to provide the highest level of anti-shoplifting protection in a retail environment using the smallest tag size possible.


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