Business Card CD Manufacturing Services

When you choose to put together your marketing and promotions campaign, you will want to deliver it to your prospects and clients in a way that is unique, memorable and makes your company stand out from your competitors. The solution is a Business Card CD or Business Card CDR. This unique way of managing your promotional materials allows you to simply and effectively put the entire campaign directly into the palm of your customer's hands.

The unique style and size provides the benefit of increasing its perceived value by eliminating all the paperwork and clutter that comes with a traditional promotional campaign. By breaking the perception of junk-mail you greatly increase the viewership of your campaign and realize the benefit of increased pass-around value. Providing a rich multimedia presentation complete with audio, video, text, documents, graphics and connectivity to the internet, enhances memory retention and increases return on investment.

50mb Hockey Rink shaped CD Business Card manufacturing from Precision Disc 80mb Hockey Rink shaped CD Business Card manufacturing from Precision Disc 35mb Rectangle shaped CD Business Card manufacturing from Precision Disc 50mb Rectangle shaped CD Business Card manufacturing from Precision Disc
50mb hockey rink style 80mb hockey rink style 35mb rectangle style 50mb rectangle style

How many times have you tossed a brochure, marketing letter, promotional postcard, or catalog straight into the recycling bin without looking at more that its cover? It happens all the time, but when you use a Business Card CD and Business Card CDR, the chances of this happening are significantly reduced and your message gets viewed and considered. Are you looking for a way to break the cycle of junk-mail and get your message seen? At Precision Disc we have found a way to do just that for you.

There are many ways to promote yourself and your company - and you can be assured that they are not all equally effective. Delivering your message by disc will give you the competitive edge that you need to stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Here are just a few of the reasons that you should put these promotional gems to work for you.

  • Marketing or promotion using discs is unique and creates a memorable impression on the viewer.

  • Breaks the cycle of junk-mail that ends up in the trash without having been viewed.
  • Our products are actually more cost effective to manufacture and ship than the traditional brochure and catalog items that you could use.
There are many more reasons that you should consider using the services of the best Business Card CD duplication firm in North America, but you should check it out for yourself and see what our products can do for you. We are convinced that you will see the difference in the quality of our products and the expertise that we can deliver to you for all of your company's needs. Remember, our products are injection molded and not machine-cut to give you the finest quality card that you can buy.  



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