CD Manufacturing Services

Our CD manufacturing technology uses the very same professional methods used produce major label music CDs, software titles, and computer games. With this technology you will be able to give your clients, prospects and/or fans a top quality product that you can be proud of... and that they can enjoy!

We use the latest technology in CD replication manufacturing to provide you with a cost effective solution to your disc needs no matter what the ultimate use is. You will find that our products at
Precision Disc will give you an outstanding product that will fit right in with your budget.

When you work with us you are dealing factory-direct and you can take advantage of our low minimum order requirements on most products - as few as 300 pieces while many of our competitors still maintain minimum order requirements of 500 or even 1000 pieces. Our lower minimums allow you to save money without sacrificing quality and it always helps out our environment whenever we, as consumers, can consume or produce less.

We can also give you some great professional alternatives for the packaging of your materials. We use only the best technology to give you what you need for your company. We will deliver a product that is as professionally manufactured as the latest software title, gaming disc or music disc. In fact, we use the same print and packaging technologies and materials that you'll find on the shelves of major retailers.

Precision Disc = Turn-Key CD Manufacturing Services

  • EclypseSuite® master analysis.

  • Optical disc glass mastering & replication stamper production.

  • Injection-mold replication of CD Audio, CDROM, Mini CD and Business Card CDs.

  • Injection-mold replication of DVD5, DVD9 and Mini DVD discs.

  • Short-run duplication of CDR and DVD-R discs. 

  • Duplicated of Mini CDR, Business Card CDR and Mini DVD-R. 

  • Pre-press service for client-supplied design files, film and plate creation.

  • Graphic design services.

  • Silkscreen on-disc printing.

  • Offset four-colour-process (CMYK) on-disc printing.

  • Environmentally-friendly printed paper inserts for all CD and DVD packaging products supplied.

  • A wide range of all industry standard CD Cases and DVD Cases in stock.

  • Custom printed eco-friendly CD Sleeves & DVD Sleeves.

  • Environmentally-friendly Digipak packaging solutions.

  • Barcode provision

  • Sensormatic tag supply and insertion.

  • Sticker and label printing and application.

  • Insertion, assembly, and packing of client orders.

  • Shrinkwrap, overwrap, tabbing as required.

  • Shipping and drop-shipping of client orders throughout North America.

You will be able to give your clients, prospects and/or fans a product that is professional in appearance and trouble free in its use. No matter what your disc content is there's enough storage capacity to provide over 70 minutes of crystal clear music, or over 600mb of data content. For businesses, what a great way to eliminate the bulky catalogs and brochures that you once had to carry around with you. Now you can provide all of that information on a disc that fits in the palm of your hand. If you want to begin in a direct mailing campaign for your business, or breath new life into an existing campaign, think about the disc products found at Precision Disc for a state-of-the-art way to promote your products and services..

Here are a few of the reasons that you should be using our CD DVD manufacturing process for your marketing needs:

  1. Compact discs are universally accepted for data and music worldwide.
  2. You will find that you get a great return on your investment and will pay a very reasonable price for a great tool.
  3. CD does not have the same international formatting restrictions that affect DVD discs.
These are just a few of the reasons that you will find our CD manufacturing process the best in the business to handle your company's needs.


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