CD Packaging

Many people don't realize the importance of their CD packaging choices. The first thing that your cases or sleeves should do is protect your disc. While very important it's probably one of the most under-recognized functions. With quality CD duplication packaging your disc should be delivered to its destination intact and ready to be used. If the solution that you choose does not keep the disc from becoming scratched or cracked during shipping it will certainly reflect negatively on you.

With Precision Disc you get a great selection of options for delivering your discs in the safest possible condition. This allows them to be used to promote your product or service in the way that you had intended.

CD Packaging promotes your brand and protects the disc inside.

The next function of your CD DVD packaging is to give you a great way to promote the disc that is contained inside. In today's society we know that image is very important, so you'll want to make sure your logo or brand is included on your packaging materials to enhance the recognition of your product. When you think about it, what benefit will your printed packaging give you if the print is poor or the materials are low quality? The answer: It provides you no benefit whatsoever. In fact, it impacts your image very negatively. At Precision Disc we understand this and that is why we utilize excellent materials and processes for every order. Just because a product is inexpensive it doesn't mean it should be 'cheap' quality.

A wide selection of eco-friendly CD Packaging alternatives.

Additionally our CD packaging utilizes environmentally-friendly materials and processes to reduce the negative impact on our environment. In the forefront is our line of no-plastic 'eco' disc sleeve and 'eco' disc jacket products which feature Forest Stewardship Council certified board stock and 40% recycled content, and are 100% recyclable.

The CD DVD packaging that you choose will go a long way toward your product being recognized amongst your competitors' products. Having a good range of professional packaging choices to choose from is a big step in creating and enhancing your brand - which is vital if you want to showcase your company, products and services in the best possible light.

The right combination of products, price, quality and service.

When it comes time to choose a disc service company, you will need to work with a company that will allow you the greatest number of choices. Our company offers many of our products with a minimum order requirement of only 300 pieces while many other companies will require you to order as many as 500 to 1000 pieces regardless of your actual needs. When budgets are small and flexibility is increasingly important we understand that producing 'less' makes a lot more sense in the long run.  


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