CD Replication

Are you looking for a way to deliver all of your marketing materials and business information in a lightweight and concise manner? If your answer to that question is "yes" then CD replication can provide you with a single solution to deliver all of your business and promotional information straight into the hands of your client or potential new client.

Replicated CDs are direct-marketing gold!

When you are dealing with the traditional methods of marketing your business, chances are that you have been dealing with bulky brochures and catalogs. It is disheartening to learn that most of the time these materials are considered to be junk-mail and thrown out without ever being read. All the time, effort and money spent working on these materials and brochures goes to waste when you consider how many people actually look at them.

The CD ROM replication service that we offer to you at Precision Disc is a way to make sure that more of your hard work is received and viewed instead of being thrown away. Not only will you increase the chance of your materials being read, but you will also gain the opportunity to have your materials passed along to others who might be interested in your company, products or services. This allows the same material that you have been handing out for years to be placed right into the hands of people who will actually look at it.

What is Replication?

Our process of CD replication provides top quality results every time. We use the same methods that are used in the manufacture of a major label music, software, and computer games. Each disc is injection molded individually and then imprinted with your data. The data is protected with a clear coat that is only on the side of the disc that contains the data. The other side of the disc is printed with your graphics so that the disc is instantly recognizable as belonging to your company or displaying your brand. These are the methods that are used in creating the most durable and high-quality discs in the industry.

What if I need a smaller quantity of discs?

If you need a smaller quantity of discs (less than 300 units) then CD duplication provides the most cost-effective solution and speedy solution. While the minimum order quantity for our replicated discs is just 300 units, we can provide Duplicated CDs for lesser quantities... even if you need just a small handful of units. At Precision Disc we make it easy to get a great product and a great price without having to order hundreds more discs than you actually need or want!

Replicated Business Card style CDs

If you are looking for a great new way to get your corporate information into the right hands, our CD replication provides a great solution to your marketing needs. Did you know that we can also manufacture Business Card CD discs? Our CD ROM replication services produce a line of 5 different shaped disc sizes including the Mini CD.

Three reasons why Replicated CDs are a great marketing choice:

There are many reasons that you should use the services of Precision Disc to find the best solution for delivering your marketing and promotional campaign message. Here are just a few of them.

  1. Bigger return on your investment
  2. Greater variety of packaging choices
  3. Small size and light weight for convenience and of shipping.



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