Mini CD Manufacturing Services

We're very fond of referring to the Mini CD as "a business card that can talk" but that's actually selling the Mini CD short because it can do much more than simply "talk".

By creating a dynamic multimedia presentation, you can use your Mini CD as a delivery vehicle to stimulate, educate, inspire and entertain your prospective clients in a way that traditional marketing materials such as brochures and literature cannot.

Similar in many ways to our CD Business Card, Precision Disc's Mini CD can accommodate video, sound, graphics, text, all manner of documents and can connect to your website through the internet, thereby creating a powerful marketing message that you can conveniently and inexpensively delivery into the hands of your clients.

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What's the Difference Between Mini CD and Full Size CD

  • Mini CD manufacturing is exactly the same as manufacturing full size CDs.

  • Mini CDs operate exactly the same way that full size CDs operate.

  • Mini CDs are designed to be used in tray-loading disc drives.

  • The biggest visual difference is the size: Mini CD is 80mm in diameter.

  • The capacity is 180mb worth of content.

  • Mini CD is also available as Mini CDR but a different design template must be used.

  • Is viewed as being more unique and interesting than full size discs.

  • Has higher perceived value than full size discs.

So yes, the smaller size of these products will provides you with an eye-catching and unique method of delivering your message straight the hands of your prospective clients... it gets noticed... and you eliminate the need for bulky and expensive brochures and catalogs.

Use a Mini CD to put all of your business's information in one compact package. This allows you to get your marketing and promotional materials to your prospective clients in the most efficient and cost effective way imaginable. Depending on quantity you can expect to pay less than $0.40 per unit for replicated discs supplied in bulk, and Precision Disc also offers some attractive and eco-friendly packaging solutions for your consideration.

Precision Disc = Factory Direct Mini CD Manufacturing

When you work with Precision Disc, you will be dealing directly with the factory and not a middleman or broker. This benefits you by preventing the unnecessary inflation of prices, but it also provides you with clear and direct communication with the people who are handling your project.

At Precision Disc we use industry leading injection-molding technology to manufacture your discs in their finished size and shape - instead of the more common and inferior method of machine-cutting full size discs to size.

The printing methods are also the best in the industry and will deliver a professional result for your Mini CD disc. It's up to you to decide what you want to print on the disc and any related packaging, but remember that they can go a long way towards creating a positive image for your brand or business. Choose your disc supplier and design wisely and you will help your company reach the top of the market.

If you are looking for a way to bring more business to your company, distributing your marketing material on a Mini CD is a professional and cost effective way to promote yourself, your product or service, or your business.



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