DVD Digipak

When you are looking for something to package your video project or your business related data, you will need a product that will keep your discs protected and provide a professional appearance. The DVD Digipak is the answer to this requirement. Our products at Precision Disc will give you a state of the art packaging solution for your discs without all the plastic that you typically see in disc packaging.

Amazingly versatile and very durable, the DVD duplication Digipak will ensure that your discs are safe, secure and carried in style. The product is made from 15 pt SBS board stock and has a proven track record for durability whether it is being hand delivered, carried across town, or shipped around the globe. The versatility and variety of styles offered with the DVD replication Digipak truly make it a winner. Whether you need a multi-panel or multi-disc format, or even a pocket to incorporate additional printed materials, this packaging solution can do it all.

cs2000 dvd digipak


We're proud of the fact that this is an environmentally-friendly low-plastic product. The boardstock materials used in your packaging contain 40% recycled content and are one hundred percent recyclable. The printing technology that is used is also environmentally-friendly as we use vegetable based inks and waterless printing technology.

Most of the companies that you will find that offer a service like ours at
www.predisc.com will require you to order a minimum of one thousand pieces. You will be able to order many of our products at a minimum of three hundred pieces. This can be a great advantage for a start up business or someone who is operating on a tight budget.

Using discs to market your business is a great way to get all of the information that you want your potential clients to see in one neat and easy to manage medium. Imagine your entire marketing strategy in the palm of you hand - literally. Putting it on disc eliminates the need for a large amount of paper and brochures. You will not have the added expense of shipping catalogs and other marketing materials, which add up to a great deal of money. It just makes sense to find a way to deliver all of your marketing materials in one small, convenient, memorable package.

No matter what your disc needs, if you want your discs to be well protected but carried in impeccable style then the DVD Digipak is well worth investigating.


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