Professional DVD Manufacturing Services

Precision Disc's DVD manufacturing uses the same professional and state-of-the-art processes used to produce the DVDs for major motion picture releases. When you shop around you will find that our products and services meet or exceed those supplied by our competitors anywhere in North America. Choosing our injection molded discs ensure that you receive the highest quality and most durable disc product in the market.

Quality discs in quality packaging

We provide a full range of print and packaging services to compliment our CD and DVD manufacturing products including an ever-growing list of environmentally-friendly low plastic and no plastic alternatives, which includes DVD Sleeves and DVD Jackets as well as the ever-popular DVD Digipak. When you use our company to produce your discs, you can rest assured that you our products are of the highest quality; so when you send them out to customers you will be putting your best foot forward.

There is more to DVD that just movies

While most people think of 'movies' when they think of DVD discs, did you know that their use by businesses for promotional use and marketing is rapidly increasing? With their large storage capacity there is no better way to get a dynamic and compelling message out about your company than using discs from our DVD manufacturing company. Why send out a bulky catalogue or brochure when you can send a media rich message featuring video, sound, photos, text, documents and even connectivity to the internet?

When you consider the cost of traditional materials like brochures, catalogs and postcards, you will find the return that you get on these materials is much lower than what you will receive with a disc based marketing plan. With our products you can place a unique, innovative and dynamic message straight into the palm of your prospect or client.

When you only new 'a few' discs

Not everyone needs thousands of discs, or even hundreds for that matter. While our replicated discs only have a minimum order requirement of 300 units, if you have a project that requires a smaller number of discs then duplicated DVDs are the route for you to go. At Precision Disc we can duplicate even a handful of discs when required, and can also provide a range of popular packaging alternatives.

Top 3 reasons why manufactured DVD discs are a great choice

Why look at DVD manufacturing as the answer to your video or data needs? Here are a few reasons why you should consider this disc format.

  1. The large storage capacity of the disc will allow you to contain all of your marketing materials in one place.
  2. The cost of these discs is almost as low as CD ROM and soon will be which will give you a much larger storage capacity at a lower price.
  3. We provide a large range of print and packaging options to fit your specific needs, including environmentally-friendly low plastic and no plastic options.



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