Professional DVD Replication

When you are looking for a way to deliver your marketing or promotional message to a wider range of people, and then actually have your message viewed and read, you should take a look at the DVD replication services that are available here at Precision Disc. We provide the professional and quality DVD replication that you're looking for.

Quality processes create quality discs

Our company provides the latest technology in replication of DVDs as well as CDs. This is the very same technology used in the manufacture of major movie DVDs as well as promotional and marketing discs for some of the most influential businesses in North America. We also combine the state of the art technology for our replicated DVDs with the best printing methods in the industry.

Professional quality disc printing

Once your discs are replicated they will be printed with the graphics you have approved from your proofs. For replicated discs you have a choice of CMYK offset printing or Silkscreen printing, which are the best printing options for these types of discs in the marketplace.

Sometimes fewer DVDs means 'more'

It is still very common for our competitors to have a minimum order quantity of 500 or even 1,000 pieces, but what if you want the quality of replicated media without a need for a large quantity? At Precision Disc, our minimum order requirement of just 300 pieces gives you the flexibility to order a smaller amount of product without sacrificing quality, and then lets you keep your costs under control.

Discs are perfect for direct marketing

Using optical disc products for marketing and promotional purposes allows you to consolidate your materials and cut the costs of producing different types of media. Take a look at the results from your current direct marketing efforts and compare them to the success rate of a disc based marketing campaigns. Discs have a higher perceived value so they don't get dismissed as junk mail like so many traditional messages do. Additionally, discs have good pass-around value so your message gets seen by more people and returns a higher rate of investment. The DVD replication services that you will find at are the best in the industry so you can be confident in being able to deliver a professional product into the hands of your prospects and clients.

Top 3 reasons to use DVD Replication
  1. The larger storage capacity allows you to put all of your marketing materials on one disc.
  2. The cost of these discs is dropping to the point of becoming as low priced as CD discs.
  3. This disc format is quickly becoming the standard media format worldwide.
The time to get your materials onto disc and out to your clients is now. Eliminate all of the bulky and inconvenient brochures and catalogs that you are currently dealing with. Our products will bring your company into the new age of marketing technology.



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