Eco-friendly DVD Sleeves

When you are looking for a really effective yet cost-effective way to package your discs, you should take a look at the eco-friendly DVD sleeves we have available. The sleeve that you use to store your disc is very important as it keeps the disc from being damaged when you distribute it or store the disc for later use. Though DVD sleeves are a simple and practical method to package your discs they provide a number of different benefits.

Other than the safe-keeping of the disc, a custom-printed sleeve acts as a billboard by promoting the disc inside it, or your company or brand image. They also can provide a means of distributing the disc whether by hand, via courier or by direct-mail. Reliable packaging is especially important when you are planning to distribute your discs to potential clients because it's vital that the discs arrive in good condition for the client to use.

The custom printed CD and DVD sleeves that we offer at are an environmentally friendly option for you to use as they are printed on certified stock, they are completely recyclable, and they are printed using waterless printing technology. There are many methods to market your business or band, but the use of discs for your marketing and promotional information is one of the most cost effective methods that you will find.

Whether you are a business person, musician, videographer or other, the choice of printing for the storage medium is very important. We can offer you DVD cases sleeves imprinted with your supplied graphics at a very affordable rate. We will also provide a low minimum order requirement of only three hundred units at a time which will keep you in control of your marketing dollars. Most of our competitors still require a minimum order of one thousand sleeves at a time.

At you can get a high quality product that will deliver your company's message at a price that you can afford. Use the latest technology in printing and delivering the discs so that you can concentrate on the materials that are presented.

When you choose to use our products, here are a few of the things that you will be benefiting from:

  1. A great method to protect your discs.
  2. A minimum amount of space is required to store these products.
  3. You can choose standard off-the-shelf sleeves or we can custom-print sleeves just for your company.


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