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Factory-direct DVD and CD manufacturing in Canada
"We have received the DVDs this morning! Please thank everybody involved. We are all impressed by the quality and the speed of your service *again* :-)"
Cindy W. (Vancouver, BC)

"Our discs arrived and they look marvelous. Our ideas and art could not have been converted to the final product better!"
Wesley (Portland, OR)

"My client received the mini CDs and all is well.  They were very happy with the quality."
Ed B. (Minneapolis, MN)

"The DVDs just arrived (boy that was fast). They look great."
Ed M. (Portland, OR)

"Everything worked out great. Thank you for your professionalism."
Reggie (The Woodlands, TX)

"This is great, I couldn't be happier. Thanks so much for all your help and good work!"
Cassie (Seattle, WA)

"I just wanted to say thank you for making the project so smooth. The process was great, you and your team made the deadlines and the project was without any wrinkles. Thank you. I will definitely be returning to you in the future."
Corey (Alberta, Canada)

"I picked up the CDs yesterday and they look great! Very clean and crisp and the inside is stunning. Thanks again."
Norine (Vancouver, BC)

"We are always so impressed with Precision Disc's level of customer service and professionalism."
Andrew (San Francisco, CA)

"The discs look great! I am very pleased and look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again for completing the order so quickly."
Georgee (Coquitlam, BC)

"In a word: Fabulous!"
Irene (Seattle, WA)

"Everything arrived in good shape. The CDs look great! I'm very pleased with the print and especially how close the colours are to what I expected. Everyone I've showed it to is quite impressed."
Trevor, Regina (SK)

"The order looks fantastic and I'm very pleased. Pickup was easy and breezy... thanks!!"
Carly (Surrey, BC)

"We just got the first batch of CD's. They look and sound Fantastic!!  Thank you so much for geting them to us!"
Josh (Edmonton, AB)

"I received my order yesterday and I'm extremely pleased with the way the disc and the packaging turned out. You all run a great shop there and dealing with everyone has been a pleasure."
Bill (Waterloo, ON)

"I am very, very impressed by the quality of the product. On top of that, I have received nothing but stellar service from everybody involved with Precision Disc. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am,"
Chris (Calgary, AB)

"Just wanted to say thank you very much for the order. It all looked great!"
Ken (Surrey, BC)

"We got everything and it looks great! Thanks for all your help, especially in getting the order to us quickly. We'll definitely be coming back to work with you guys!
Brian (Mission, BC)

"Everything was great! You took care of everything especially when I had artwork problems. I can't wait to re-order!"
Hank (Seattle, WA)


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Mini CD - Little Discs with Big Impact!

The Mini CD is a dynamic marketing tool that can help you increase your sales, market visibility and marketing return-on-investment while reducing your overall marketing costs. Showcase your company, products and services in a whole new way while eliminating the need for expensive brochures, clumsy catalogues and unnecessary paperwork. Put all of your marketing material on a Mini CD... and you can literally place your entire marketing campaign in the palm of your target audience's hand!

Precision Disc Manufacturing Corp. provides full service Mini CD replication manufacturing, print and packaging for clients throughout Canada and the United States and we are the only replication plant in North America that offers five injection-molded Mini and Card sized/shaped CDs.

Superior Mini CD Quality from Precision Disc

At Precision Disc your Mini CD discs are replicated to their finished size and shape - just like full size CDs are. Replication is the highest quality and most durable method of manufacture whereby each disc is individually injection-molded and then physically imprinted with data. Not only does our replication manufacturing provide superior quality, finish and durability, our one step replication process also provides a more cost-effective product than competing processes such as 'cutting'.

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Don't settle for the inferior quality of Mini CD discs that are machine-cut to their finished size and shape. We injection-mold our Mini CD and CD Business Card discs to their exact size and shape which provides greater quality and superior finish than ‘cut’ discs.

The problem with "cut" Mini CD discs:
• Cutting is a completely separate process... increased time and cost means you pay more.
• Cutting the disc creates sharp edges (this is a common complaint).
• The secondary process of cutting can lead to damage to the disc.

The problem with "duplication" of Mini CD discs:
• Mini CDR discs often have a stacking ring knockout that interferes with print-side graphics.
• Duplicated content may have compatibility issues on some playback devices.
• Not cost-effective for larger quantity runs.

Precision Disc = Turn-Key Mini CD Manufacturing Services

• EclypseSuite® master analysis.
• Optical disc glass mastering & replication stamper production.
• Injection-mold replication of CD Audio, CDROM, Mini CD and Business Card CDs.
• Injection-mold replication of DVD5, DVD9 and Mini DVD discs.
• Short-run duplication of CDR and DVD-R discs. 
• Duplicated of Mini CDR, Business Card CDR and Mini DVD-R. 
• Pre-press service for client-supplied design files, film and plate creation.
Graphic design services.
• Silkscreen on-disc printing.
• Offset four-colour-process (CMYK) on-disc printing.
• Environmentally-friendly printed paper inserts for all CD and DVD packaging products supplied.
• A wide range of all industry standard CD Cases and DVD Cases in stock.
• Custom printed eco-friendly CD Sleeves & DVD Sleeves.
• Environmentally-friendly Digipak packaging solutions.
• Barcode provision
• Sensormatic tag supply and insertion.
• Sticker and label printing and application.
• Insertion, assembly, and packing of client orders.
• Shrinkwrap, overwrap, tabbing as required.
• Shipping and drop-shipping of client orders throughout North America.

Jewel Case Packaging!

Choose quality each and every time with Precision Disc's Mini CDs which are injection-molded - not cut - and are available in bulk or in a host of attractive packaging options such as the Mini CD Jewel Case complete with printed paper insert.


Printed Mini CD Sleeve Packaging!

Compliment your Mini CD with the professional look and feel of a disc sleeve or folding disc jacket. They're practical, yet eye-catching and a very popular choice for direct marketing use. A host of different styles are available, plus the option of having your own custom solution made.


Standard Sleeve Packaging!

Sometimes a simple and off-the-shelf solution is all that's required, so that's where our Standard Sleeves come in. Practical and cost effective, a clear vinyl or paper sleeve is commonly used for disc distribution within an organization, or whenever a disc is being delivered by hand.

Mini CD Specifications:

The quality and performance of the client's supplied content master is the sole responsibility of the client. Precision Disc considers the supplied Master (and back-up copy) to have been supplied in 'final form' and ready to manufacture as supplied. Review your Master Discs thoroughly from beginning-to-end to ensure they perform exactly as required because any errors on your Master(s) will reproduce onto your finished product. Please review our disc specifications page for additional information.

Type: Mini CD Disc - 180mb capacity
Method of Manufacture: Replication
Dimension: 80mm (3") diameter
Print: Screenprint or Offset CMYK Print

Click here to access graphic design templates for this product.

PRO TIP - from Precision Disc

An amateurish design leads to a negative overall impression of your product before the content on the disc has even been explored, so put in some extra effort and make sure your design is just right. Need inspiration? Check around and see how market leaders have designed their packaging. Check out products by your competitors and judge for yourself whether your package is going to look as good (or better) than theirs.

Do you need graphic design help?

Contact Precision Disc and we'll be happy to assist you with your graphic design requirements. No matter where you are in Canada or the USA, if you have the need for CD or DVD manufacturing services, along with top quality print and packaging alternatives, we have your solution.

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Factory-direct CD manufacturing, CD replication, DVD manufacturing, DVD replication. Full service CD duplication, DVD duplication.
Environmentally-friendly print and packaging including CD digipak, DVD digipak, CD sleeves, DVD sleeves, CD jackets, DVD jackets.

Serving clientele throughout Canada, including British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Saskatchewan (SK), Manitoba (MB) and beyond.
Serving clientele throughout the U.S., including  Washington State (WA), Oregon (OR), California (CA), Idaho (ID), Montana (MT) and beyond.