Digital Download Card Service Explained

One of the problems with download services such as iTunes is that people download your music and then you get paid later... sometimes much later... and then you only get a percentage of the selling price. That's not the case with the Digital Download Card service provided by Precision Disc. Instead, you are in the drivers seat!  [ RETURN TO DOWNLOAD CARDS 'HOME' ]


It's All About You!

With the Digital Download Card service provided by Precision Disc it's all about you because...

▪ YOU manage your music.
▪ YOU set the price.
▪ YOU collect the money up-front.
▪ YOU keep all of the money with no hold-backs or commissions.

Placing Your Order

When you order the Cards we need to know a few things:

▪ What quantity of Download Cards do you want?
▪ How much do you want to sell your Cards for? You can choose "free" if you want to.
▪ How many downloads do you want the buyer to have access to?
▪ When will the Card expire? You can choose "never" if you want to.

When Your Order Is Ready

When your order is ready you'll receive your Digital Download Cards but you'll also receive log-in information to access your own online account where you will manage the music you're making available for download.

▪ Upload a maximum of 25 songs (maximum of 15mb per song).
▪ You can update, remove or add songs at any time.
▪ You can track your download history - who downloaded, and what song(s).

What You'll See On Your Cards

The front/cover of your Card is all yours so make the most out of it by creating an eye-catching design. Full colour print is included in the cost of your Cards.

The back of the Card is reserved for important information. As you will see from the example shown here: The number of downloads, selling price and expiry date that you have chosen will all be printed on the back of your Cards.

A website address and pincode will also be printed so your fans can access your music for download, but you cannot specify what these two pieces of information will read.

Start Selling Your Cards

Now that you've got your Digital Download Cards and you've uploaded your music to your account, it's time to start selling your Cards. Remember, unless you've chosen to give your Cards away for free you must get the money up-front from your fans.

What Your Fans Do

Once you've sold a Card, your fan just has to visit the website address that is noted on the back of the Download Card and enter the PIN number. That will log your fan into your account home page where your fans preview the songs available and download the songs of their choice.

When your fans reach the download limit that is printed on the back of the Cards, or the Card expires, they will not be able to log back into your home page to gain access to your music.

Renewing Your Account

A one year account activation is included in the cost of your Download Cards. After the one year activation has expired you have a few options:

▪ Renew the account for another year (please contact us for renewal fee amount).
▪ Let the account expire and order a new set of Cards - which will include a one year account activation in the price.
▪ Let your account expire and say "farewell" to the service.




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