Starting A New CD DVD Design Project Using Photoshop

It doesn't matter if you're designing a CD manufacturing or CD duplication project - you're in the realm of commercial printing, and that's different than designing for the internet.

When clients are using Photoshop for commercial printing, two of the most common problems that we face are (a) low-resolution artwork, and (b) incorrect colour mode.

  • Internet colour mode: RGB

  • Typical commercial printing colour mode: CMYK

  • Typical internet resolution: 72 dpi (or ppi)

  • Typical commercial printing resolution: 300 dpi (or ppi)

Whether you are importing/opening a file in Photoshop or you are opening a new page to begin designing from scratch, you need to set your design page properties appropriately.

When you import/open or begin a new design from scratch the "New" design page dialogue window (as shown below, or similar to) should appear first.

The name, width and height of your page properties can be left up to you as it will depend on which particular item you're designing, but make sure the resolution is set to 300 pixels/inch and the colour mode is CMYK.

In the event the "New" dialogue window does not present itself, you can still edit the settings by going to the top of your screen and selecting the following:

Image > Mode > "CMYK"
Image > Image Size > 300 pixels/inch
This should get you started with your design on the right footing!