Resources - Creating Your CD Master

Important: The CD Master you supply to us is deemed to be in final form. This means you have checked your Master thoroughly and confirm it is ready-to-manufacture exactly as supplied.

We prefer receiving your Master content on disc because it gives you the ability to review the disc thoroughly and ensure that it performs exactly as intended. Think of it as an actual 'proof' you need to approve for production use.

When you supply your Master content on disc we warrant that our duplicated or replicated copies will match the content of the disc you have supplied.

The Basics

  • If you are having CDs manufactured please submit your content on CDR (not DVDR).

  • Only use high-quality brand name blank media. Going with a cheap 'no name' brand isn't worth it.

  • Clearly identify your Master Disc copies with your Order Number.

  • Do not supply other files (such as artwork) on your Master copies unless you really want them on the final product.

  • Burn your Master and copies at the slowest possible speed to ensure the best image is being made on the media.

  • Send us two copies of your Master. If one copy fails we can immediately use the second copy.

  • Never send your originals - just send us copies. It is your responsibility to keep your originals for safe-keeping and your own back-up purposes.

  • The discs we produce will be exact clones of the Master copy you supply to us, so make sure you review your Master copies from beginning to end to make sure the content and meta-data perform/displays exactly as required.

Correct Formatting

Any reasonably good disc copying software program (we recommend using Nero or Toast) should ask you what type of disc you're trying to make (CD or DVD, and whether you're formatting for music or data or video) so be sure you check the various default settings before you create your Master and copies.

  • If you are creating a Music CD it must be formatted as an Audio/Music CD... not as a CDROM (which is data).

  • When you're preparing to burn your Master and copies you must ensure that it is as a "closed session" or a "finalized" disc
    (aka: disc-at-once). Do not supply an "open session" disc as a Master as that will lead to problems when we try to make the glass master and replication stamper from it.

Required Format for Music/Audio

  • File format: .AIF or .WAV

  • Bits per sample, per channel: 16

  • Sample rate: 44.1Khz

  • Channels: 2 (stereo)

  • Maximum audio duration for replication is 74 minutes.

  • When you create your Audio Master, the disc must be formatted as an Audio/Music disc... not as a CDROM (data).

Test Your Master and Copies

We do not review the Master content you provide to us. Why? Your Master copies are deemed to have been supplied to us in final form, which means you have reviewed the content and meta-data thoroughly and confirm it's ready to manufacture as supplied without the requirement for modifications.

  • It is very important that you review to your Master and copies from beginning to end - all the way through - to ensure they are formatted correctly and that they perform EXACTLY as intended with no errors, skips, pops, fade-outs, etc.

  • If you are including meta-data such as CD Text and ISRC Codes, please ensure it displays correctly.

  • Be sure to test your Master and copies on different play back units, both old and new, to make sure it does play back.

  • If you are creating a music/audio Master make sure you also test it on a traditional stereo (such as a car stereo) to ensure your formatting is correct. 

  • Remember: The discs you are getting manufactured will be exact clones of the Master copies you provide to us, so if there is a problem on your Master it will be transferred to the finished product.

CD Text

It's possible for you to add "CD Text" to your Master so that your Artist Name and Song Title information can be displayed on the play-back devices that support CD Text.

CD burning programs such as Nero and Toast allow you to enter in your Name and Song Title information and add it to the information being burned onto your Master CDR.

Important: Many computer-based applications such as iTunes and Windows Media do not read CD Text. Those types of applications generally get that information from online databases (such as Gracenote) which you can submit your track information to yourself.

Having said that, be aware that different software applications may use different online databases, so you may have to enter your CD information into more than one database for the broadest possible coverage.

Package Appropriately

Please make sure you package your Master Copies appropriately to protect them during transit to us - this is especially important if you are using a courier service or postal mail.

We recommend you place each Master Copy disc in its own Jewel Case or DVD case and then ship the cases in a bubble-wrap mailer.